Half of all software companies on Gregslist are industry-focused

There are 301 industry-focused software companies in Arizona right now on Gregslist.com/Phoenix. That’s half of all B2B software companies in the state.


For the first 20 years of my career in software, there were almost no vertical software companies–those that served a single industry like hospitals or fitness studios.

Making good software back then was at least 10X more expensive compared to today. It was just impractical to build a serious software business that served only a small industry.

But that has changed. Business software is now much easier and to create, thanks to modern cloud platforms, APIs, and open-source code.

Vertical software is one of the biggest trends in B2B SaaS in the last 10 years.

Check out all the software companies in Phoenix that serve specific industries.

We track 20 different industry verticals for B2B software companies on Gregslist.

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