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Why Practical Founders?

I started Practical Founders in 2022 to help serious B2B SaaS founders who are building valuable software companies without big funding. 

I have mentored and advised thousands of software startup founders worldwide in the last seven years. 90% of software startup founders are NOT trying to shoot the moon with big VC funding once they understand what that VC game entails. 

These practical founders are my people. I want to help them, connect them, and create more resources on the best way to create the most impact in the world and to achieve their version of success. 

About Greg Head

Every year, I meet with hundreds of software founders, investors, investors, and experts to help, connect, and learn. I am a paid advisor to 40 software founders worldwide. I interview a successful SaaS founder on my Practical Founders Podcast podcast every week.

My useful and popular LinkedIn posts generate over 6 million impressions every year. There is an active discussion about important topics from founders on every post.

In my successful 30-year career in the software business, I was fortunate to be part of the startup and growth stages of three great companies that have since created over $2 billion in total revenue in the CRM software industry:

  • As an early employee and product manager at ACT!, the best-selling Windows contact manager in the 1990s, used by 4 million salespeople and entrepreneurs.
  • As a co-founder and executive of SalesLogix, the first mid-market CRM software, which went public with an IPO in 1999 and was bought by Sage plc (LON: SGE) in 2001 for $300 million.
  • As the President and General Manager of the ACT! business we bought back from Symantec in 2000 and grew revenues from $20M to $50M.
  • As Chief Marketing Officer at Infusionsoft (now called Keap) in 2011-2015 we grew from $15 million to $100 million in revenues.

I also publish, the comprehensive list of 6,000+ software companies in 12 major metros in North America. It started as my volunteer project in Phoenix, where I lived for 23 years and became active in helping founders. Now, Gregslist is a useful part of many startup ecosystems.

I currently live in the Dallas area with my wife. I am active in the Phoenix, Dallas, and Salt Lake City tech communities.

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