The 7 Success Paths for Practical Founders:
Win the SaaS Startup Game With a Big Prize—Without Big Funding

Practical Founders 7 Success Paths ebook

Every founder’s story is different, but the same questions keep coming up about how to win the startup game:

  • What are all the ways that SaaS founders are creating life-changing wealth right now?
  • Which success path is best for me?
  • Should I raise investment to fund my startup?

I wrote this guide to help you drastically improve your odds of achieving your version of startup success. Fill out the form below to get your free 60-page ebook.

Greg Head
Founder, Practical Founders

What’s in This Guide

What’s your definition of success for the company you are creating? Startup software founders have the optionality to choose, but few know which options have the best and worst odds for them.

  • How to increase your odds of a successful outcome with a founder equity value of $20 – $100 million
  • The seven specific approaches that 99% of successful practical founders are using right now
  • Why not raising big VC funding increases the likelihood of success for most SaaS founders

Who’s It For

This guide is for SaaS founders, leaders, and future entrepreneurs who want to achieve their version of success—without raising big VC funding.

  • Software entrepreneurs who want to understand all the ways to achieve success and life-changing wealth
  • Startup SaaS founders who are considering raising money from investors
  • Consultants, mentors, and advisors who help SaaS founders succeed