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#89: Scrappy Bootstrappers Grew Up to Be the Enterprise Leader in Their Market – Joe McMenemon

Joe McMenemon and his college roommate, Brendan, knew they wanted to start a business together. They had run their college fraternity chapter and saw the problem of managing members and collecting payments. So they lived frugally and built software solutions for fraternities and sororities to solve this problem.

ChapterSpot grew slowly over several years as they sold to local chapters. Eventually, the national associations came calling, requesting an enterprise solution to manage hundreds of chapters in one system. They rewrote the platform to run on Salesforce and grew faster with more employees. 

ChapterSpot grew profitably to over 30 employees, with 40 large organizations managing thousands of chapters and millions of members on the platform. In early 2024, BillHighway, a strategic acquirer with a payments platform, acquired ChapterSpot.

Quote from Joe McMenemon, CEO of ChapterSpot

“Long shots are probably not as crazy as you may think they are, but they’re just going to require time. If you think you’ll make a bunch of money in three years, it’s probably very unlikely. But if you’re willing to put in the time and work at it every day, you’re most likely going to be able to figure out the right path to success.

“My favorite quote is a James Clear one: It’s the courage to start, a few lucky breaks along the way, and a ton of hard work. That’s the formula.

“Once you get started, are you putting yourself in a position where you can do it at a level that’s best in the world for the problem you are solving? If you’re the only one trying to solve the problem and you do it long enough to catch a few lucky breaks, well, eventually, you’ll get there.



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