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#88: Persevered to Find a Scalable Niche in a Crowded Software Market – Jeromy Wilson

Jeromy Wilson spent over ten years in the software business as a product management leader working for PE-owned and VC-funded software companies. When he decided to start his own software company, he focused on serving public libraries, like his father, who had created a successful library automation software company called Dynix.

Jeromy is the founder and CEO of Niche Academy, the leading learning and development platform for libraries in the US. With his savings and a little angel funding, Niche Academy struggled at first but eventually grew into a profitable and growing software company with 20 employees that is almost ten years old. 

Jeromy and his co-founder have no intention of selling the company or raising big VC funding. They are focused on serving their customers, developing their employees, and living great lives with their families right now. 

Quote from Jeromy Wilson, CEO of Niche Academy

“Early on, I idolized VC-funded founders. Why aren’t I growing as fast as that funded company? But now, I say thank goodness. I’m not dictated to like they are, have the problems that they have, or have these massive crashes that some of them end up having. I don’t idolize them as much anymore. 

“I love the freedom that I have now as the CEO of a profitable software company that didn’t take big VC funding. When you don’t have tons of outside funding, you make different decisions and choices. You do things in a way that is going to make a difference for the customer rather than how we can make more money today. 

“I’m a real believer in being in charge of your own destiny, having this control, and being able to grow with your profits because you know it’s valid. Your solution is something that your customers see as valuable rather than something that some VCs see as valuable.



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