Selling Your Software Company as Stressful and Challenging

Selling your software company is always stressful and tricky for SaaS founders, especially for bootstrappers who don’t have VC or M&A partners to lean on.

Most founders who sold their companies tell me it was the most stressful thing they ever did by far. And this is from folks who like a little stress. I’ve been there.

Practical SaaS founders need all the help they can get to help them through the complicated acquisition process.

If you’re curious about how to navigate the term sheet process, maintain leverage, and close a final deal, check out this Founderpath webinar happening Wednesday this week:

Bootstrapped SaaS expert Nathan Latka will also share a useful template tool to help SaaS founders make the most of acquisition interest.

I’ll be making a guest appearance on this webinar and listening in to learn from others who have sold their SaaS companies recently.

See you there.


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