Sales And Marketing Is More Important To Growth Than Great Technology

The potential success and value of your modern SaaS business is all about Sales and Marketing.

Quality products are necessary but not sufficient.

This is often a hard lesson to learn, especially for super-coder technical founders like Wissam Tabbara, founder of Truebase in Seattle.

Wissam was a coder and development manager at Microsoft before embarking on multiple software startup adventures, first as the technical leader and later as the CEO too.

He shares his biggest lesson on the Practical Founders Podcast this week:

“So many amazing products failed because they were never able to efficiently take them to market. That’s actually the untold brutal reality of startups.

“Taking your product efficiently to market is where everything is at. It’s better to have B+ technology and A+ sales and marketing. You don’t need A+ technology.

“Every day I show up to work and I say, What is it that I need to do to unlock the business? Not to unlock the product. Product is just part of the business.”

Wissam talks about the many technology waves he has ridden, including the latest waves of blockchain and generative AI.

But it still is about getting enough customers with a problem they will pay you to solve—and how to find and convert them efficiently.

Check out this interview with Wissam on the Practical Founders Podcast.


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