SaaS Sales Expert Shares Her Proven Process for Hiring SDRs and BDRs

Every year we all get more automated robocalls, unsolicited emails, robotic LinkedIn DMs, and spam texts.

It makes us tired. We don’t want to hear from marketers and outbound sales development reps who are trying to reach us.

SaaS founders are struggling with outbound lead generation to make economic sense or even work at all.

What actually works today with sales development reps (SDRs) or business development reps (BDRs) to generate qualified leads with their outreach efforts?

This week on the Practical Founders Podcast, I interviewed SaaS sales leader Christine Rogers of Aspireship as an expert guest.

Christine and her team have trained thousands of SaaS SDRs, account managers, and customer success professionals at Aspireship. She talks to software sales and customer success leaders every week about what they need.

I asked Christine the questions I hear from SaaS founders every week about their struggles to generate new qualified leads with outbound efforts.

It’s harder than it used to be. But it still can work.

In this episode, Christine explains:

  • What are the different tasks and roles of sales development reps (SDRs) and business development reps (BDRs) at growing SaaS companies
  • What tools, processes, and ideal customer definitions are required before you hire your first SDR
  • Which SaaS business models make the most sense to use SDRs in the sales process
  • Which outbound lead development approaches are productive in generating qualified discussions
  • What compensation ranges are typical for SDRs this year
  • How to think about SDR business goals and targets
  • If you should hire one SDR or a sales manager-doer as your first sale hire
  • When should founders hire “full-cycle” salespeople instead of a leadgen-only SDR

Christine and her team also created an SDR New Hire Checklist for Practical Founders that you can quickly download and use.

Check out this expert guest episode with Christine Rogers on the Practical Founders Podcast.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Christine!


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