Greg Head talks about the SaaS growth game on the AZ Software Podcast

Last week in Phoenix I spent an hour with my good friend Hamid Shojaee to talk shop on his AZ Tech Podcast. Here’s what we talked about:

  • What’s happening in the Arizona startup tech scene right now
  • Which Phoenix software companies are growing fastest
  • Why I started Gregslist
  • The biggest trap for ambitious founders between startup and scale
  • What I really do with serious founders at Scaling Point
  • The three startups I helped grow big that all have AZ roots
  • Why I moved to Dallas two years ago
  • How to get time with me for startup help, mentoring, or useful connections

Hamid is a fellow software entrepreneur and he is doubling down to help the Arizona startup tech community go faster – AZ Tech Beat insider tech news, AZ Tech Podcast, AZ Disruptors investing in AZ startups.

Check out the other AZ Tech Podcast episodes with AZ tech leaders and hear some great stories.

Thanks, Hamid and Adrienne!

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