Service-as-a-Software are people-powered and scalable

Several times a month I talk to successful founders of:

  • recurring revenue businesses that have great margins
  • that are powered by software.

But they aren’t SaaS software businesses.

They are “Service as a Software” businesses.

(Yes, I created that term and all these founders love it.)

When their customers press the buy button, people do much of the work behind the scenes.

Take out the people and software alone doesn’t solve the problem.

Small business owners love this kind of people-driven SaaS.

90% of small business owners don’t want more software. It’s just more work and time for them.

They just want their specific problem solved. Just do it for me, please!

These tech-enabled services companies are 100x more scalable than a project-based agency or pro services business.

And they can have software-SaaS gross margins from 60%-80% too.

Service as a Software. Press the button and people do the work.

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