Why I Delete Comment Spam in my Linkedin Post Discussions

I delete comment spam on my LinkedIn posts.

They add no value to the real discussion there and are clearly promotional, AI-created or not.

It’s like barging into a real conversation, repeating what people say, and handing out business cards. Would you buy something from them? Slimy spam.

They often come from someone who just commented on 10 LI posts in the last 10 minutes. It’s easy to see this on their profile. Also spam.

They usually have “We help SaaS founders get ____” in their profiles. I’m talking about startup topics that are useful to serious SaaS startup founders., so they want to get in front of the crowd of entrepreneurs who have gathered.

I can tell that they have a New Year’s resolution to comment on 20 LinkedIn posts a day. Comment spam doubled in the last two weeks. It will slow down in a month.

There are 3 types of useless LinkedIn spam comments happening right now.

  1.  Rephrase the post using ChatGPTThese are still easy to spot. They repeat the content of the post and offer a question or encouragement, usually with an emoji.
  2.  Repeat and agree with something in the post, adding fake encouragement.”Here’s to you…,” “Well done…,” etc. You don’t need AI to do this. It’s funny how often I can see they clearly didn’t read the entire post.
  3.  Repeat and agree with something in the post, then add a question.This is a technique that started in the last month. Nice try, but these are also useless. It’s easy to see that these were created thoughtlessly or in self-interest.

I post thoughtful content that will be useful and actionable for serious SaaS founders. I enjoy the discussion and respond when people offer more perspectives or ask relevant questions.

Deleting spam comments doesn’t take any time as I’m responding to comments anyway.

Sometimes there are 20+ spam comments on my popular posts with 500+ likes. There are never not spam comments on my posts.

I don’t think LinkedIn can spot these automatically.

It’s up to us not to reward this behavior by NOT clicking on, connecting with, or buying from these spammers. If it doesn’t work, there will be less of it.

The LinkedIn algorithm does a really good job of keeping spam-selling posts out of our feeds. It’s why there’s a lot of great discussion by real people here. Not so much for spam in our DMs.

Let’s keep LinkedIn discussions real and useful, as much as we can.

What do you think about LinkedIn comment spam?


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