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#99: What VCs Don’t Tell Founders About Raising Big Funding (Part 2 of 2) – Greg Head

In this second of two episodes, Practical Founders Podcast host Greg Head discusses the next five important things venture capital investors don’t tell new SaaS startup founders. Greg emphasizes that VCs invest in very few businesses and seek big wins. He highlights the importance of understanding the game of venture capital funding and the alternatives available to SaaS founders.

Check out last week’s episode, in which Greg discusses the first five things that VCs don’t tell SaaS startup founders about raising VC capital.

Quote from Greg Head, Host of the Practical Founders Podcast

“Professional VC investors are expecting very big results when they invest. If you sell a piece of your company to get a $5 million Series A investment, that typically ends up being about 20 percent of your equity. So you’ve just valued your company after the funding at about $25 million.

“$25 million is the point where the venture capital investor comes in, so you can’t sell your business for $30 million or $50 million anymore. That wasn’t why the VC invested. They probably don’t even want you to sell your business for $75 million. That’s just a 3X exit.

“That’s not what they invested their precious cash. They’re going for a 10x or 20x exit. So even when you just take $5 million from VCs, you can’t sell your company for less than $100 million and have everyone win. You have to sell for $500 million or more for everyone to be happy, including the founders.”


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