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#79: Practical Founder with 3 Exits Explains How SEO Can Drive Efficient Growth – Raj Khera

Raj Khera is an experienced practical SaaS founder who has used search engine optimization (SEO) to grow businesses very efficiently. Now he coaches entrepreneurs at MoreBusiness on how to use organic SEO as a core part of their marketing engine. 

In this expert interview, I ask Raj to explain the basics of SEO for SaaS founders, what tools and techniques are most useful, and how SaaS founders can make the most of SEO investments to drive revenue faster.

SEO for Bootstrapped SaaS Topics Discussed on this Podcast

  • How he used SEO to grow his previous software companies
  • The basic concepts of search engine optimization (SEO) for SaaS founders
  • Simple tactics for identifying search terms that would create qualified traffic
  • His favorite tactic for gaining authority from Google for your organic website content
  • Which search engine marketing tools are most useful to maximize your time and investment
  • The simple ROI math that founders can use to measure their investment-return with SEO

Quote from Raj Khera, CEO of MoreBusiness

“SEO has among the highest ROIs of any form of marketing I have ever done. When you’re a practical founder, you’re looking for scrappy ways to build your business because you don’t have outside investment for extra cash. SEO is far more efficient.

“Founders who use SEO grow their companies a lot faster because of the dollars or time that they put into it. It’s long-lasting traffic generation, and it compounds. With paid search ads, the leads stop when you stop buying the ads. SEO traffic and leads keep going for no additional cost.”


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