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#71: Bootstrapped the Core Software that Runs Complex Manufacturing Plants – Subramanyam Kasibhat

Subramanyam Kasibhat has created dozens of products in many different industries. He and his wife were contracted by a friend to build a software solution for a manufacturing plant for a German company. Seven years after they started with their first customer, they rewrote the software to serve other customers and the Vegam Solutions business started to grow. 

Vegam Solutions is smart factory software for digital optimization and control of complex manufacturing plants. Vegam now has 180 remote employees, primarily in India, with almost $10 million in revenue. They have grown without outside funding by selling to large customers with complex needs.

Bootstrapped Vertical SaaS Topics Discussed on This Podcast 

  • What kind of products and businesses he created before the Vegam Solutions software for complex manufacturing plants.
  • How they focused on one customer for seven years before selling to other companies and growing the business.
  • Why they sell to targeted customers in Europe, China, Japan and US and don’t sell much in India, their home country.
  •  Why they reengineered their entire product after seven years with the right architecture to take on new customers and serve complex needs.
  • How Subbu and his cofounder wife, Savita, are both capable and passionate but have different personality traits that compliment each other
  • How they view their potential success paths as they continue to grow and make the company more valuable

Quote from Subramanyam Kasibhat, CEO of Vegam Solutions

“Never do what has been told as the only way of doing things. Everything has to be put into the context: what may be right for you may not be right for me. So there is no standard way of doing things out there. The smartest and the best way for your needs is what you need to figure out. 

Your chances improve the day you move away from following the norm and do what is right based on your judgment and your analysis. The day you start doing things because everybody does it, it’s a direct path to failure.

When we started working with our first manufacturer, we had no manufacturing background. So when we approached the solution, we challenged the status quo, and we went with the right architecture, right technology, and right approach of that day and started solving the problem.

Our architecture was radically different from the market at the time. This change in architecture enabled us to add a lot of complex functionalities and we were able to fundamentally solve complex operational challenges which nobody had solved.”



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