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#67: Solo Founder Successfully Grew and Sold His Healthcare Software Company – Patrick Randolph

When Patrick Randolph discovered that doctors’ offices lose 20% of appointments due to patient cancellations and no-shows, he set out to design and test a solution. QueueDr was created to fill those open slots with patients in the waitlist “queue.”

With just a little funding and lots of hard work, they began by helping small practices and group practices fill open slots with no human intervention. Eventually, they sold to larger organizations and became profitable as they grew. QueueDR was acquired by Phreesia (PHR: NYSE) in March 2021 for an undisclosed amount. 

Healthcare SaaS Topics Discussed on This Podcast 

  • How he prototyped and designed the full product before writing any code
  • The multiple challenges of selling technology to healthcare providers
  • How they started by selling to small offices and eventually sold enterprise deals to large organizations
  • Why he didn’t want to raise another round of VC funding after raising $1 million from an investor
  • How he developed the relationship with leaders at the company that eventually acquired QueueDr
  • How he thinks about life after selling his company

Quote from Patrick Randolph of QueueDr

“If you’re a new founder, I recommend you find a way to work within yourself. Find your angle.

“If you’re an introverted person, don’t try to be an extrovert. Play through that introvert. If you went to Berkeley Law, email every Berkeley Law person to be your first customer.

“Play within your advantages and tell your story around that.” 



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