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#63: Successfully Scaling Up a Bootstrapped Vertical SaaS Business – Raution Jaiswal

Raution Jaiswal grew up in India and then worked in management roles at large companies in the US before he discovered a problem experienced by small insurance agencies. He validated the problem, built an early solution, and didn’t quit his full-time job in 2018 until he had 50 paying customers.

InsuredMine provides an all-in-one sales CRM (customer relationship management) and marketing automation software for independent insurance agencies in the US. InsuredMine helps improve and automate marketing, sales, and service to help insurance agencies sell more, serve customers better, and become more profitable. It also integrates with many popular agency management systems (AMS).

The bootstrapped company is growing up quickly with almost 60 employees, a leadership team, big partners, and a growing reputation. In addition to over 1,000 small insurance agency customers, InsuredMine is now being used by some of the largest agency organizations in the US. 

Vertical SaaS Topics Discussed on This Podcast 

  • How he discovered this industry customer pain point and validated their solution
  • How he bootstrapped the company until revenues could pay for expenses
  • Why they are going upmarket to sell to larger agencies with a different sales approach
  • What leadership team they have in place now they have grown to over 50 employees
  • How they started by being an “addon” to popular AMS (agency management system) solutions
  • Why they aren’t interested in raising money or selling the company right now

Quote from Raution Jaiswal, InsuredMine

“The one thing that is great about our InsuredMine business, versus our key competitors, is our product architecture. People do not usually think of that as a core competency, but we do.

“Every line of code has been written by us in the last five years. So we can stretch the product and continue to add more and more pressure. It’s very flexible and we can move very fast. 

“We can add thousands of users with huge amounts of data for our very big customers and our system handles it easily. Our competitors are collapsing with old architectures that don’t scale, and they can’t move fast. “



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