The Practical Founders Manifesto

We are a growing tribe of serious startup founders who are building valuable software companies without big VC funding.

Practical founders are winning the startup game our way with successful exits of $10M, $20M, $50M, or more when we sell our companies, if we ever choose to sell. 

Most new founders think VC funding is the only way to go because the massive VC-Industrial Complex dominates tech media and startup ecosystem events in search of a few billion-dollar unicorns.

Moonshot VC investing isn’t bad or wrong. It’s just not the best way for most startup founders to create valuable software companies and maximize their results.

There has never been a better time to be a practical founder.

Nearly 40% of all software companies are self-funded and bootstrapped with no outside funding. And another 30% have just a little funding from friends and friendly investors. 

The companies are growing deliberately and efficiently with revenue from customers.

  1. Practical founders don’t want to spend years and risk everything to raise big funding and race to build a massive company with a billion-dollar valuation.

  2. Practical founders want control over how we grow, how we serve customers and employees, and when we sell our companies.

  3. Practical founders are growing efficiently with focused products our customers love and savvy sales and marketing execution.

  4. Practical founders are growing our software companies to $1M-$20M revenue with sustainable recurring revenue and someday selling the business for 5X-15X multiples of revenue.

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Win the Startup Game Without VC Funding

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