What Happened With Practical Founders At SaasOpen 2024 At Austin

It was a great two days at the #SaaSOpen conference in Austin last week, where hundreds of serious SaaS founders learned from each other in one place.

  •  Dozens of successful founders shared their hard-earned learnings from building companies from $10 million to over $100 million in revenue.
  •  Deep dive tactical sessions focussed on SaaS growth, product, and finance
  •  Many opportunities to meet with founders, experts, and investors in scheduled 1-1 meetings and roundtables.

You can’t duplicate the power of in-person meetings and the serendipity of meeting like-minded people who are all under one roof for two days.

I hosted a dinner for Practical Founders dinner with 25 SaaS founders from all over the world. Thanks to Matt Watson of Full Scale for sponsoring the dinner and being such a gracious co-host.

Matt is an OG practical founder who appeared on my podcast last year to tell the story of one of his four software startup successes. Now, he works with practical software founders to provide flexible engineering talent at Full Scale.

This wasn’t a conference about unicorns and big funding. It was mostly practical founders who were building valuable software companies without big VC funding.

Most founders there had companies with more than $1M ARR, and many had over $20M ARR. Startups getting on the field were also there, learning from others.

Kudos to Nathan Latka and the Founderpath team for hosting their annual event and making it so productive.


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