Vertical SaaS founders deeply understand their customer

Of all the founders of software companies I have worked with at Scaling Point in the last two years, half of their companies serve vertical markets.

They are focused on a single industry.

Not just an industry-market now so they can get to other industries later. A single industry for now and later.

They are all growing seriously fast without serious funding, for several reasons:

  • They are experts in that industry
  • They care deeply about the people in that industry
  • They see precisely where the problems are from the inside
  • They have proof that their market is underserved by generalist solutions
  • They have wide networks to reach their market quickly
  • They speak the language of the industry
  • They deeply understand their customers – their emotions, dreams, routines
  • They are trying to solve the whole problem for their customers, not just the surface problem

My own Scaling Point business is industry-focused. Gregslist is too.

I just help serious founders of B2B SaaS companies in the early stage between crazy startup and repeatable scale.

For all the same reasons listed above.

The founders I help would never hire someone who isn’t a 100% expert in SaaS with deep experience, relationships, and insights in their industry.

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