The SaaStock 2023 Conference in Dublin

It is great to be around so many practical SaaS founders at the SaaStock conference in Dublin this week.

There was more talk of bootstrapping this year than about big VC funding.

This photo is what the Bootstrap Stage looked like for two days. The speakers were hosted by my friend Ton Dobbe 🔆.

Big VC funding has always been less “normal” across Europe than it has been in the States for the last 20 years. There are many great software companies here, both large and small.

This is a great conference for content, but it’s more about connection—with other SaaS founders, funders, and SaaS specialists who can help.

Several founders in my Practical Founders Peer Groups came over to meet in person. Great conversations and pints with Paddy Mann, Scott R., and Alexis Kingsbury!

Many old friends, many new friends, and lots of fun this week.

Thanks for hosting me this week Alexander Theuma and David Umpleby and allowing me to contribute at this year at SaaStock on the podcast stage.


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