Product-Market Fit Means Different Things to Founders and VCs

Investors and bootstrappers have very different reactions to achieving real Product-Market Fit.

Big Funding Investors:

  • Great! You have finally happy customers and accelerating revenue.
  • You should add our rocket fuel funding to go faster and sell the company for big money to pay us back times 10 or 100!
  • You have to deliver the return on capital that we promised our investors no matter what.

Bootstrapped SaaS Founders:

  • Great! We finally have happy customers, accelerating revenue, and a very efficient business model.
  • We can grow steadily and profitably and not screw it up by going too fast with way more risk!
  • Maybe we’ll sell the business soon, raise a little money, or maybe we’ll run it for 20 years, but it’s our choice and our prize.

Same PMF. Different goals in life.


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