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I’m looking for seed and pre-seed investors for practical software startups

I’m looking for a few seed and pre-seed investors who actively invest in B2B SaaS, vertical SaaS, marketplaces, platforms, and consumer apps.

I talk to over 500 serious software founders a year.

Some of these startups are worthy of (and want) pre-seed or seed investment.

Do you know of a serious seed VC or pre-seed investor who I should be talking to connect to qualified opportunities?

I regularly refer qualified founders to appropriate investors who match their investment profile.

I invest in many of these startups in the early stages too.

I don’t charge for it and I don’t get a kickback.

I do it to help founders advance their solutions to solve a major problem that exists in the world.

These founders are serious entrepreneurs with products and customers who are building real software businesses. And scalable tech-enabled services too.

They aren’t enthusiastic startup dreamers with a pitch deck.

And they aren’t $3M ARR software companies that are already growing fast. These startups have infinite funding options already. If they take any funding at all.

These founders know they can grow a serious and valuable business. But they aren’t trying to create a unicorn.

They are practical founders who need a little practical funding.

They are outside Silicon Valley and have realistic plans and dreams.

Get it to high-quality $3M or $10M ARR and sell it for 10x revenues. Or keep going without more funding.

Most VC investors aren’t a good fit for them.

I will qualify ALL investors myself to learn their model and understand their focus.

Founder-funding fit is one of the most important things for founders and funders to align on.

If there isn’t a perfect founder-funding fit, then founders shouldn’t do the deal. And funders should walk away too.

Here are my criteria for these investors:

  • You invest in practical and serious startups outside Silicon Valley
  • You can lead the seed rounds. Or not.
  • You don’t require $50K MRR for B2B startups
  • You don’t require 1 million users for B2C apps
  • You help founders get through the early stage to product-market fit and scalable growth
  • Your investment approach works with $30M-$100M exits
  • Preferred – You invest in serious startups outside the US.

If this is you or some investor you know, DM me on LinkedIn and let’s talk.

Startup founders: please don’t DM me on LinkedIn to help you raise money.

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