How Intuit Has Been Raising The Price On Quickbooks Every Year

I got my annual “Your price for Quickbooks increased because we can” email from Intuit. They want me to pay almost 40% more than I paid two years ago.

Intuit is a master of nickel and diming and raising prices.

Because they can. Apparently.

They know their customers don’t want to leave and rewire their accounting systems. All accounting software companies play this game.

My accounting needs are pretty simple. I don’t need an accountant or bookkeeper or payroll or any the stuff they constantly upsell.

Where is the viable competitor for Quickbooks that plays a more honest game?

Software pricing doesn’t reflect labor or supply chain costs like an automobile or a hamburger. Prices are only a function of what people will pay relative to the alternative.

Intuit’s annual price increases mean they are really not serving micro businesses that don’t want to pay $1000+ for software and fees. There’s a growing opportunity there. Who’s taking that?

Now that Mailchimp is part of Intuit, you know where this is going. Already got the 10% price increase because we can.

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