How I use Calendly to schedule over 3000 meetings in 5 years

A lot of social debate in the last week about using Calendly and other scheduling links.

Here are 9 ways I have used Calendly to schedule 3000+ meetings in the last 5 years with almost no effort on either side.

1) I don’t share or send my scheduling link unless I have chatted with someone or had a qualified referral request. So 10-15 inbound requests a week from savvy people I don’t know yet.

2) I also use Calendly to schedule with my clients and people I’m working with who want to meet. Easy for everyone.

3) If someone sends their scheduling link first, I’ll always use that.

4) I have 7 different Calendly links for 30 or 60 minutes, Zoom or call, with different availability times and meeting types for each. I don’t open up my entire calendar and let people choose how long to meet with me.

5) I have 10 Text Blaze keystroke macros to insert different Calendly links in emails and social DMs. Typing /30v anywhere inserts this text: “Just find a time that works for you at my30minutezoomvideocalendlyURL. I look forward to our conversation.” Same for 60 minute calls, 30 minute Zooms, etc. Super fast!

6) My macro includes a link to a redirected URL on my website, not directly to Calendly. You can’t schedule with me from my Calendly page.

7) To be extra polite, I used to add: “Or let me know some times that work for you.” But now everyone understands these links now. (Right?)

8) About 30% of my scheduled meetings are old-fashioned phone calls. This is easy for everyone and cuts Zoom fatigue. If someone is outside the US, we use Zoom.

9) When I’m scheduling with someone through their assistant, I’ll suggest a few time ranges and say “You can check my availability using this link, if that’s easier for you.” Always appreciated.

I schedule 10-20 meetings a week using Calendly and it takes me less than 20 seconds to schedule and manage each one.

Compared to the back-and-forth game and working with assistants (remember them?), this is great.

Calendly has the best ROI of any software I use, by far.

What are your ninja scheduling app tricks?

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