Gregslist Phoenix is 5 years old this week

Gregslist Phoenix is 5 years old this week.

I published my first curated Gregslist of 126 Phoenix software companies in August 2016.

Back then, tech leaders and SaaS founders in Phoenix didn’t think there was much going on in the software startup scene in Arizona.

But I had just helped 100 software startup founders in person in Phoenix in the last three months.

There was way more going on with Arizona software startups than people could see.

And I was making 10+ connections every day for these founders: founders to investors, experts to founders, exec leaders to founders, founders to founders.

But that wasn’t going to work forever. So I just published my list of software companies with complete and up-to-date info on the founders, funding, and more.

I personally updated the list every month with additions and corrections for over 3 years.

Now I have help from Katrena Drake and Donna Hacker on my team. They are totally committed to helping AZ startups grow up too.

Now there are 740 real software and SaaS companies in Arizona on Gregslist.

Now we also list all 754 open jobs at software companies in Phoenix.

Now we have 14 committed Gregslist partners who are committed to helping Phoenix software startups grow up.

Now over 3,000 software founders, investors, job seekers, and local tech leaders use Gregslist Phoenix every month.

I was in Phoenix last week. The software tech scene is visibly bigger and stronger in AZ now than 5 years ago. So many great folks helping founders there.

Thanks to everyone who has found Gregslist useful to find talent, make founder connections, get investment, and grow their software company in Arizona. Happy to help.


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