The B2B SaaS Company in India Learned the Universal Startup Laws Of Nature

So many things are changing in the software startup game every year.

But there are still some universal and fundamental “laws of nature” that haven’t changed. Yet.

These tend to be how we think as humans—our deepest wiring.

This week’s Practical Founder podcast interview with Sandeep Kumar, a long-time B2B SaaS founder in India, revealed the same timeless truths and changing realities that entrepreneurs experience everywhere.

He describes how he discovered the hard way these “laws of nature” that never change:

  • The power of focus on a specific customer with a specific problem
  • Why must-have is always better than nice-to-have
  • How big things always start small
  • Climbing the credibility ladder
  • Building trust with big clients

The fundamentals of his startup journey 15 years ago are the same as what new founders in different countries are facing this year.

But his world of startup tech has changed in India too:

  • India did not have a SaaS startup mentality or ecosystem 15 years ago. Now it’s booming.
  • They started with on-premise and have shifted to modern cloud technologies.
  • They used to be a scrappy startup, but now they are a market leader in their specialty market.

Sandeep is very open about how difficult it was to start so early and learn every lesson the hard way.

But now he has a robust product, a trusted reputation, and a large team. It’s a growing and valuable SaaS company now.

The more most things change, the more the few fundamentals stay the same.

Listen to this podcast with Sandeep or read the full interview transcript on the Practical Founders Podcast.


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