Announcing the Practical Founders Podcast

I’m excited to announce my newest project–it’s live today!

The Practical Founders Podcast has in-depth interviews of serious founders who have built valuable software companies–without big funding.

There are MANY practical founders who have sold their companies for life-changing wealth. There are about 20X more of these “home run” practical founder exits than anyone hears about these days.

There are MORE practical founders who have grown substantial software companies and still love running them so much that they won’t sell them anytime soon.

They love building and serving and creating and learning more than they want a big exit prize. You can only do this if you don’t raise big funding that requires a big exit as fast as possible.

My first podcast interviews are with two amazing founders who show that it’s totally possible to create successful and even big software companies without playing the VC funding game.

These founders just did things differently than “everyone” told them to do. They served their customers and employees in creative and powerful ways that you would never see in over-funded startups.

I want to share the stories of practical founders who are winning on their terms, changing the world, and doing it their way.

Their hard lessons learned and their unique approaches.

I know there are tens of thousands of practical founders with real software companies, little or no outside funding, happy customers and employees, and steady growth. All over the world.

We just don’t hear about their successes, their journeys, or their creative approaches. There are no big funding rounds to clap for.

Check it out at That’s plural with an S.

The link to the Practical Founders Podcast is in the comments on this post.

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