Use the 4 Most Powerful Words to Improve Your Sales and Marketing Results

If you have a product that solves a real problem but you are struggling to get attention and convert customers, you have a marketing and sales problem. 90% of up-and-running software companies have this problem.

Here are the 4 most powerful words that can help you increase attention, engagement, and conversion:


Existing markets are crowded with similar products and similar messages. New markets have new products with vague messages we can’t hear yet.

Both can kill your growth and prevent you from scaling up.

  1. In every crowded market for anything that ever was, we don’t research 20 choices to make our decision. We follow the crowd who already did the work and we buy the LEADER.Being the leader in the mind of the market is the best thing you can be. As Al Ries described in “Positioning” years ago, “Leading is better than best.”Leaders don’t do everything for everyone, especially when they start. Amazon, Apple, Google, Taylor Swift, and Coke figured out how to be known as the best at something important for someone specific.Are you the leader for someone at something? Be that first, then be known for it next. Then shout it.
  2. In a crowded market, you can reach your target and get them moving your way when you use the word JUST inside your company and out.
  •  We are just for people who read lots of books. Amazon.
  •  We are just for the crazy, creative ones. Apple.
  •  Our CRM is just for [vertical industry] in [region].
  •  We just make chicken sandwiches. Chik-fil-A
  • I just do knee surgery on pro athletes. Tiger Woods’ knee doctor.

Saying “We’re just for…” in your message sends a beacon that will reach your specific audience. Your buyers want to buy from the specialist–for them.

3.  If you can’t be the leader for everybody or just for someone, be the ONLY one that has something important. Cheaper, secret ingredient, endorsement, distribution method. Something.

Nike wasn’t the only maker of shoes for basketball players. They weren’t the leader way back when. But they were the ONLY one endorsed by Michael Jordan. That made all the difference.

4.  The last power word is NOT. When people can’t hear why you are different and better, be crystal clear about what you are not and never will be. Be anti-something.

  •  Apple was clear they were not for every corporate drone.
  •  Trump was not a traditional Republican or Democrat or politician.
  •  Chik-fil-A clearly does not make hamburgers. Or work Sundays.

We can finally see what you are when it’s clear what you are not.

All four of these words are power moves created by FOCUS.

Focus is a force multiplier in your marketing and your execution.

But you can’t just say it, you have to be it. And do that for a long time.

If you are struggling with marketing attention and sales conversion, be the best at something important for someone specific. Then declare it.

Be LEADING, JUST, ONLY, and NOT inside your company and out.


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