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#77: Bootstrapped and Winning in Season Ticket Management Software – Morgan Katz

Morgan Katz is the founder and CEO of Ticketnology. Morgan was an enthusiastic athlete with a degree in sports management who started her career in ticket sales for sports teams and front-line venue management. Morgan saw how companies with season tickets had difficulty managing their digital tickets after COVID, so she started her own company to solve it with a software solution. 

Ticketnology is a fast-growing leader in the new category of season ticket management software. Started with a mix of hands-on concierge services and a software solution, Ticketnology is now a complete platform that helps season ticket holders manage and distribute tickets to maximize the value of their season ticket investment. 

Ticketnology is a bootstrapped and profitable software company with just over $2 million in revenue, four full-time employees, and an outsourced development team. They doubled revenues this year and expect to double each year for the next few years. Morgan is a member of a Practical Founders Peer Group. 

Bootstrapped Vertical SaaS Topics Discussed on this Podcast

  • How she got started in venue ticket sales and venue management before she found this problem
  • Why she always knew she was an independent entrepreneur and would eventually start her own business
  • How she works well with software engineers even though she is a non-technical leader
  • How big the new market for season ticket software can be
  • How she manages incoming cash and prioritizes investment as a bootstrapped founder

Quote from Morgan Katz, CEO of Ticketnology

“Season ticket management is not a ranking keyword on Google yet, so it’s very different. People don’t know the word season ticket management. They don’t know that phrase yet. We struggled for years on what the message you just put on a LinkedIn ad online is or what the term is, what the phrase is, and what all of that is. We trial-and-errored everything, and most failed dramatically.

“We do well when we can talk to people or we can connect at an event. We do a lot of conferences. We don’t always do exhibit booths, but we’re there, we’re talking with people, and we know where our industries live. That’s what’s been successful for us.

“We do a lot of content and I speak at a lot of events. We make sure we’re a helpful resource even in our cold outreach with education and tips. We also try to be a resource for sports teams to hear from their corporate season ticket clients and make sure that they know we’re their advocate to make sure that season tickets are successful.”



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