This Practical SaaS Founder Built a Growing $20M+ ARR Software Business

I talk to practical founders every day who have built really valuable software companies without any outside funding.

No two founder stories are the same. They do it in their own ways.

But underneath all their stories are the same principles I’m talking about with practical founders. They are never not there.

THE SaaS STARTUP GAME HAS CHANGED. It doesn’t take big outside funding to create a valuable software company that you can sell for life-changing wealth or keep growing profitably!

It helps if other people say it too, in their own words.

This week I talked to Patrick Fingles, a savvy entrepreneur who has built two successful companies, including a SaaS company called Leap.

Leap is now the leading contractor management software with CRM, project management, and point-of-sale features specifically designed for home improvement contractors and remodelers in the U.S.

Leap has over $20 million in ARR with over 150 employees and full-time contractors and is still growing very fast.

Here’s how Patrick describes the practical founder approach:

“It’s so much easier to build apps and software that solve real pain points on the backs of Twilio or other technologies. So you don’t need millions of venture dollars to hire hundreds of developers to develop a real product.

“All you really need is a micro pain point within a business and one dude that knows how to code. Build that thing out and then if you’re passionate about it, start selling the thing. If you build a good product, people love it and they’ll use it for a really long time.

“And that money comes every single month like a freight train. Recurring revenue is a beautiful thing. That’s why a little $5 million software company is worth more than a $40 million roofing company with 300 employees!”

It’s an amazing time for savvy SaaS entrepreneurs to create great businesses that become very, very valuable.

Patrick shares a ton of wisdom on the Practical Founders Podcast this week.


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