Looking For Bootstrapped Startups Founded By Women

The Practical Founders Podcast is picking up steam every week after just 10 episodes so far. But I need your help.

I want to interview more practical founders who are women. And people with different backgrounds. And practical founders outside the US.

Practical Founders who have started, grown, and (sometimes) sold valuable software companies without big outside funding.

Not “no outside funding ever.” Just not the big VC-funded shoot-the-moon unicorn approach that is all we hear about.

We hear that the VC-Industrial Complex is biased against disadvantaged groups: women, people of color, people who are different who don’t fit “the template.”

I believe this is true.

But practical founders don’t rely on the VC funding institution. They go their own way and figure it out.

You don’t need big funding to create a serious software company these days. It can help, but it doesn’t always help.

I’ve got a few of these founders lined up for the podcast, but I need even more. Listeners are asking to hear their stories.


  • Please connect me to software company founders I should interview on the Practical Founders podcast who aren’t middle-aged white guys.

Many have had legitimate exits for the companies they started, but they don’t need to have sold their companies already.

But they do need to have built a valuable software company (more than ($1M-$5M ARR) without big outside funding.

Please DM me if you can make an intro.

Thanks for your help to spread the word. Let’s do this!

Let me know if you think there’s a better way for me to think about this.


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